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Our talent is developing yours

Peripheri is a full-service talent management organization that provides business psychology services and software solutions to companies of all sizes, across all industries. We help you assess, retain and develop the highest quality talent and advance your company's unique corporate culture.


Peripheri is deeply engaged in advancing the quality of our client partners’ internal synergies and skills. Utilizing 30-plus years of business psychology and IT architecture experience, we have proprietary, scientific methods of assessing, analyzing, and developing a company’s human capital with a customized approach.


Using our tools, your organization will enhance its talent's effectiveness, their teaming efficiencies,  and ultimately, your bottom line.


We consider our clients business partners.  Applying a customized approach, we assist our partners in developing their greatest asset:

their human capital. 

Our aim is to consistently exceed our client's expectations in both service and deliverables.  


Incorporating our 30-plus years of experience in human capital, Peripheri Solutions offers a suite of software solutions to support our clients' talent management objectives.  The suite contains our extensive library of  validated leadership, management and teaming competencies, and success practices.  


Here you will find blog posts, survey results, book reviews and recommendations, and other relevant articles pertaining to enhancing your company's human capital. 


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460 S. Lewis Road

Suite 109

Royersford, PA 19468

(610) 792-9050

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