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Just like individuals, organizations have personalities. 

At Peripheri, our goal is to help your organization maximize the potential of new and existing talent by measuring their success against necessary job competencies as well as against your company culture. 

Individual Talent Assessment & Development

We craft customized pre-employment and pre-promotion assessment packages that provide highly accurate talent placement decisions. Complementing our evaluative accuracy, our business psychologists provide expert coaching to enhance a contributor’s level of leadership, management and teaming, which yields improved business results.

Team Talent Assessment & Development

We develop assessment-based solutions that position well-performing teams for success with new challenges, and guide derailed teams toward enhanced performance. Our business psychologists work closely with your organization to create the ideal solution for your teams, no matter the size.

Organizational Audit

We utilize evaluative strategies that identify the attributes, behaviors and values that influence an organization’s unique personality and culture. Once these qualities are identified, opportunities for company-wide growth and enhancement can be implemented. Organizational Audits are particularly useful in times of acquisition and provide the due diligence needed to assess the human capital assets.

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